Italy in a pizza


O Fiore Mio is Italy in a pizza, the symbolic dish of an extraordinary traditional cuisine, thanks to its goodness and apparent simplicity: a disc of dough made with sourdough starter and wholemeal flour, topped with any of the multitude of excellent produce our territory and peninsular has to offer.

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    “La Collina dei Piaceri” –the Hill of Pleasures, or otherwise known as “Scorticata”, is one of the top food and wine events of the entire summer on the Adriatic coast. In fact we have […]



    The splendid backdrop of Dievole in the famous “Chianti Classico” territory, was the location of the first Tuscan book launch of “LA BUONA PIZZA”, by Luciana Squadrilli and Tania Mauri, with photography by Alessandra […]

  • ‘O fiore mio and the Pizzeria Spaccio

    ‘O fiore mio and the Pizzeria Spaccio

    On Tuesday evening, 24th May, Matteo Tambini and Davide Fiorentini’s creativity featured at an evening dedicated to “four pizzas” at the Pizzeria of San Patrignano. This was an event not to be missed at SP.accio, […]

Tasty and easily digestible pizza, thanks to a dough that has been leavened and matured for over 24 hours. This innovative pizza has been inspired by the great classical varieties of the Neapolitan tradition. It can also be enjoyed as a “tasting”, which we offer in small and delicious slices.