“La Collina dei Piaceri” –the Hill of Pleasures, or otherwise known as “Scorticata”, is one of the top food and wine events of the entire summer on the Adriatic coast.

In fact we have always been keen to take part in this fun festival, which, held over three days in Torriana in the Province of Rimini sees the participation of VIP chefs, pastry chefs, producers and artisans of the food and wine sector.

This year, the founder of the Scorticata, Fasto Fratti, the Patron of the Povero Diavolo, has decided to pay homage to the Pizza in a dedicated area and he has invited us to play an active role at the 2016 Scorticata on the evening of Wednesday 27th July.

We will be testing our “….come a Napoli” Neapolitan style pizza in the innovative “Scugnizzo Napoletano” electric oven produced by IZZO FORNI and so celebrate the popular tradition that pizza represents, especially on this occasion.

Simone Padoan from the “I Tigli” restaurant of San Bonifacio (VR) will be featuring on Thursday 28th July and then our friend Giancarlo Casa from the “Gatta Mangiona” in Rome will be present on Friday 29th July.

So, if you are lucky enough to be on holiday in this area or if you live nearby you can’t miss this event: drive up to Torriana and we’ll celebrate together.

For more info: http://www.ristorantepoverodiavolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/La-Collina-dei-Piaceri-pieghevole-2016.pdf