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The new Spring menu pays homage to a great Italian artisan: Antonio Cera, who owns the Forno Sammarco bakery in San Marco in Lamis (FG). In fact, this Spring’s special dough is made with a variety of the “Senatore Capelli” grain, which Antonio himself has been producing on his land for some time now.

A “guaranteed” and controlled supply chain project that we want to share, promote and encourage.

Here are his words, the prologue of an extraordinary event, scheduled for June 2017 entitled “GRANI FUTURI ED EVOLUZIONE DEL PANE” – Future Grains and the Evolution of Bread: “My dream comes from a grain field; I ploughed, sowed, cultivated, harvested, milled and kneaded my ideas, and now they are rising, but to take them out of the oven I need you, I need you all. Let’s take it out of the oven together”.


Take a note of these dates: 31st March, 1st and 2nd April. Three days dedicated to a real opportunity for promoting the pizza’s many different facets, over a journey from North to South, crossing the centre of the country. In fact, Rome will be hosting this happening inside the premises known as the “ex-Caserma Guido Reni” barracks.

The public will be able to “visit” the homes of the Master Pizza Makers and enjoy Italy’s best pizzas, from among more than 90 different varieties, from the more traditional recipes to the more creative.

Come and try ‘O Fiore Mio’s pizzas on Sunday, 2nd April

Also featuring:
Marzia Buzzanca from the Percorsi di Gusto Restaurant (L’Aquila), Ciro Oliva from the historic Concettina ai Tre Santi Restaurant (Naples), Gino Sorbillo (Naples and Milan), Giancarlo Casa from the Gatta Mangiona Restaurant (Rome), Gabriele Bonci (Rome), Renato Bosco from the Saporè Restaurant (Verona) and Francesco Martucci from the Masanielli Pizza Restaurant (Caserta).

And… for professionals and experts, a full calendar of WORKSHOPS and TECHNICAL MEETINGS with the great Pizza Masters.

For more info: lacittadellapizza.it


The well-known Czech photographer Josef Koudelka claims that if a photo is good, it can tell many different stories. This concept is so “sharable” that in fact for more than a year now, ‘O Fiore Mio has been working with Cinefood as the ideal partner for telling their story.
Filippo Cantoni and Mattia Alberani  are the very young players in this adventure. Since 2015 they have been telling stories about the wide world of gastronomy through photography and videos. Thanks to several collaboration projects and trips the young Cinefood team has been to Africa, Turkey and more recently even to the United States.
On a seasonal basis they turn out splendid portraits of the ‘O Fiore Mio staff, which portray those more important moments of making the dough, the “mise en place” , the delicate phase of baking the pizzas, the artisans and suppliers who make the research into our personal “production line”, so unique.
If you want to learn more about their story and their work visit the Cinefood website.


Take note of these dates:

• Wednesday, 7th September at 8.30 pm (this date is already sold out)

• Thursday 8th September again at 8.30 pm.

Come and join us in Cesenatico at the Maré | cucina caffè spiaggia bottega – (kitchen, café, beach, shop) together with Marco Farabegoli from “Da Neo’s” pizza slice pizzeria and the Cantina della Birra, beer cellar for two evenings revolving completely around pizza with tasting of artisan beers.
Info and bookings: 331 1476563.


This weekend (2/3/4 September), on the occasion of the September 2016 edition of  Argillà Italia, a historic majolica sculpture will be on show at ‘O Fiore Mio Faenza. It was created in 1966 by the multifaceted “Faentine” artist Alfonso Leoni and is called “Schiacciato denso” (Squashed and dense). It had been presented for the first time at the 5th Artistic Ceramics competition held in Cervia in 1967, then it was published and presented at the personal exhibition of Montreal and Ottawa in 1969 and then it was never exhibited again.


Lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Our regular opening hours are back in Faenza.
So, come and try our summer menu: enjoy what our kitchen has to offer as well as our pizzas topped with quality seasonal and local produce. Not only pizza but also a wide range of traditional Italian cuisine like pasta freshly made with a rolling pin.

Every day from midday to 2.30 pm
Every day from 7 pm to midnight
Every day
Lunch: from midday to 2.30 pm
Dinner: from 6.30 pm to midnight

For bookings and info: 0546 667915


“La Collina dei Piaceri” –the Hill of Pleasures, or otherwise known as “Scorticata”, is one of the top food and wine events of the entire summer on the Adriatic coast.

In fact we have always been keen to take part in this fun festival, which, held over three days in Torriana in the Province of Rimini sees the participation of VIP chefs, pastry chefs, producers and artisans of the food and wine sector.

This year, the founder of the Scorticata, Fasto Fratti, the Patron of the Povero Diavolo, has decided to pay homage to the Pizza in a dedicated area and he has invited us to play an active role at the 2016 Scorticata on the evening of Wednesday 27th July.

We will be testing our “….come a Napoli” Neapolitan style pizza in the innovative “Scugnizzo Napoletano” electric oven produced by IZZO FORNI and so celebrate the popular tradition that pizza represents, especially on this occasion.

Simone Padoan from the “I Tigli” restaurant of San Bonifacio (VR) will be featuring on Thursday 28th July and then our friend Giancarlo Casa from the “Gatta Mangiona” in Rome will be present on Friday 29th July.

So, if you are lucky enough to be on holiday in this area or if you live nearby you can’t miss this event: drive up to Torriana and we’ll celebrate together.

For more info: http://www.ristorantepoverodiavolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/La-Collina-dei-Piaceri-pieghevole-2016.pdf


The splendid backdrop of Dievole in the famous “Chianti Classico” territory, was the location of the first Tuscan book launch of “LA BUONA PIZZA”, by Luciana Squadrilli and Tania Mauri, with photography by Alessandra Farinelli and where ‘O Fiore Mio features as one of the Pizza Restaurants of the book.

At sunset of 19th July, the guests enjoyed an “aperitif” accompanied by our pizzas baked in the estate’s old wood-fired oven, which dates back to 1705. Then there were Mimmo La Vecchia’s mozzarellas from the Casolare Cheese Dairy, Corbara’s cherry tomatoes and Oil and Wine produced at the actual Dievole Estate.

This was the first stop of a “giro d’Italia” book-launch tour of Italy, where the stories of the ingredients, the territories and the pizza makers featured in the book will be told.

We will keep you up to date on the book-launch event dedicated to Emilia Romagna.

Have a great summer reading “LA BUONA PIZZA”.

LA BUONA PIZZA by Tania Mauri and Luciana Squadrilli, with photography by Alessandra Farinelli

Giunti Editore, Florence 2016 €22.00

“LA BUONA PIZZA” – the Good Pizza Guide, tells ‘O FIORE MIO’s story.

Have you ever thought of travelling through the big cities and the remote villages, of our “Bel Paese” that is Italy, on the wake of the best pizzas in Italy?

The journalists Luciana Squadrilli, Tania Mauri and the photographer Alessandra Farinelli have done just that, following a tasty trail made up of buffalo mozzarella and fresh “verace” tomato, “alpeggio” mountain pasture cheese and artisan cured meats, forgotten fruits and ancient legumes, all put together on that magic disc of dough, which is baked in the oven, in all its different varieties. This is the idea behind their book “LA BUONA PIZZA”, published by Giunti, and which is coming out in the month of July.

This gastronomic itinerary, which goes off the beaten traffic, in search of the “Buona” good pizza, also tells our story, ‘O Fiore Mio’s story and we are happy about this. If you love travelling and you love pizza, then you can’t miss out on this Guide.

‘O fiore mio and the Pizzeria Spaccio

On Tuesday evening, 24th May, Matteo Tambini and Davide Fiorentini’s creativity featured at an evening dedicated to “four pizzas” at the Pizzeria of San Patrignano.

This was an event not to be missed at SP.accio, the pizzeria of the San Patrignano community, and which on the evening of the 24th May hosted the team from ‘O Fiore Mio, the prestigious gourmet pizzeria of Faenza. The highlight of the evening was the endless number of pizza varieties.

The pizza dough was made with stone ground flour, and were made to order with various types of selected Italian flours and rigorously using sour dough, which guaranteed a truly easy to digest pizza. The staff of the two pizzerias also created four special recipes.