Marco Baldassari is the new head pizza chef at our Milano Marittima restaurant. He’s very young and he began his training in Faenza, before taking up service in Milano Marittima just one year ago. So, let’s get to know him better:

What made you drop out of engineering?


“It was my decision! I needed to change direction and to do what I loved the most. I was offered this great opportunity, and I took it immediately. I do not my regret this choice.

Tell us what it was like in the beginning: what were the biggest difficulties?

“From a professional point of view it was not so difficult as the hard work and commitment were overridden by my passion for this work and a great desire to learn. The hours I spent “cutting my teeth” were great because I was working shoulder to shoulder with incredible professionals and guys with my same interests! From the point of view of the choice I made of giving up my studies, I thought my parents would have had a different reaction, while actually they have always backed me and encouraged me. So, for this I really must thank them.”

In which role do you feel most comfortable?

“I really like being able to manage situations, making sure that everything is organised in an efficient and professional way. I love creating and experimenting.”

What advice would you give to any young person wanting to become a pizza chef?

“To jump in head-first! It’s a fantastic world full of great people who will make you understand how everything has its own special role. I would tell them to be as curious as possible.”

It was a summer full of hard work. What was your biggest satisfaction?

“Clearly, having been able to manage everything and to have beaten (actually smashed) last summer’s record of covers! All of this was possible thanks to the magnificent team we have created and to the passion and determination that has bound everybody together with one single aim: to create an incredible pizza.”

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