The new Spring menu pays homage to a great Italian artisan: Antonio Cera, who owns the Forno Sammarco bakery in San Marco in Lamis (FG). In fact, this Spring’s special dough is made with a variety of the “Senatore Capelli” grain, which Antonio himself has been producing on his land for some time now.

A “guaranteed” and controlled supply chain project that we want to share, promote and encourage.

Here are his words, the prologue of an extraordinary event, scheduled for June 2017 entitled “GRANI FUTURI ED EVOLUZIONE DEL PANE” – Future Grains and the Evolution of Bread: “My dream comes from a grain field; I ploughed, sowed, cultivated, harvested, milled and kneaded my ideas, and now they are rising, but to take them out of the oven I need you, I need you all. Let’s take it out of the oven together”.

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