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Finally we also deliver to San Lazzaro and to Casalecchio di Reno

For a long time now our ‘O Fiore Mio Pizze di Strada Bologna customers have been wanting to enjoy our home-delivered pizzas, also outside the historic centre of the city. Well…. hear ye, hear ye… finally we are ready to sastisfy your needs. Thanks to a partnership with YOUEAT and COSAORDINO, a company specialised in food delivery, we have already started delivering our “alla Romana” and our round pizzas over the entire Bologna Municipality, and not only. For a few days now we have also started delivering to San Lazzaro di Savena and to Casalecchio di Reno. We hope to have made you happy! To order you can just click here.

Agrodolce is talking about us

Gabriele Valdes, has always loved pizza and baked food, and has had the luck to have turned his passion into his work, offering technical consulting for new pizza based ideas. The wellknown website is all about the pizza and baked food world. In their recent article “13 ottime pizzerie da provare lontano da Napoli” – 13 excellent pizzas to taste a long way from Naples – we have been honoured with a nice review, to find out more, read here.



We all know that summer does not last forever. However, apart from the days getting shorter, autumn still holds great emotions for us, especially when it comes to our palate.

From 22nd September, as we are used to doing, we will be changing our menus.Amongst the many novelties: a new and original dough made with the Gentil Rosso Grain produced by the San Biagio Vecchio Farm, then there is the new Pizza dello Chef, created by the sous chef of the Osteria Francescana of Modena, Takahiko Kondo, then an interesting new range of wines from Les Caves des Pyrenee, which will be presented at the new evenings of Autumn 2015 in Faenza.

Come and see us soon in Faenza and in Bologna.


Lots of you had been asking for home delivery and finally we have managed to set it up. Starting from Friday 5th June ‘O Fiore Mio Pizze di Strada Street Pizza will be starting home delivery. You will be able to choose from two types of pizza and you can order them every day from 7.30 to 10.30 pm just by calling 051.0402308.

Our pan pizza “…come a Roma” (just like in Rome)  will be delivered at a special summer offer, from 1 to 4 toppings, in a 30 x 40 cm box at 20 euros, with free delivery.

Otherwise, you can order one of our “…come a Napoli” (just like in Naples), round pizzas ‘O Fiore Mio’s latest summer novelty.

It’s up to you: you can eat in at Piazza Malpighi, where we are completing our new “dehor”, or you can simply call us up and enjoy our pizza in the comfort of your own home.


The artist Enrico Versari has come to Bologna with his engravings and etchings, and he is now exhibiting at ‘O Fiore Mio – Pizze di Strada (piazza Malpighi 8d/e). The exhibit “Inchiostri” curated by Antonella Ravagli , officially opened on 29th May, and will stay on show until 7th July.


Enrico Versari ( takes visitors on a journey into the discovery of ink and all of its possible applications: from engravings to etchings, as well as xylography , right up to that so-called “black manner” with which this artist from Faenza achieves a practically photographic effect. The markings and the drawings are Versari’s artistic initials. He designs “stages” upon which the composition of the objects are just like actors playing on stage, while for the “backdrops” he uses pages torn from telephone books, old dictionaries or pages of newspapers, which have been recovered and assembled using the collage technique.


The travelling exhibit “Inchiostri” will conclude its first leg in Bologna on 7th July, to then move on to ‘O Fiore Mio in Faenza on 20th July, where it will be possible to view until the 3rd September.



‘O Fiore Mio Bologna’s winning ideas are continuing, once again hosting an artist who is already widely known, and who has been caught red-handed with his work concerning the food world. Following the Alfonso Leoni’s exhibit with his creative “Cancellature” of the famous advertising icon, Nedo Merendi returns to his style of real-life drawings, representing a surreal world where citrus fruits, vegetables and small everyday objects seem to float in a dimension where time is suspended. Our location in Piazza Malpighi 8, Bologna, is reaffirming itself as a venue dedicated to art, thanks to the quality of the artists it hosts, as well as to the continuity with which the exhibits are planned (each lasting forty days). The originality of the furnishing and of the interior design also plays an important role. All of these choices are the perfect backdrop for the innovative and truly high quality gastronomic research.

Nedo Merendi’s paintings are ‘O Fiore Mio Bologna’s new art proposal.
Come and see them starting from Friday 17th April
 (Official Opening and Presentation to the Press from 6.30pm).

After Bologna (until 26th May) the exhibit will move to ‘O Fiore Mio Faenza from 1st June until 17th July.

Keep following us!


On 11th March we took part in the now traditional “CENA DELLE ECCELLLENZE” Dinner Par Excellence, which is now held annually at the Catering School Istituto Alberghiero “B. Scappi ” di Castel San Pietro Terme.
We offered a pizza tasting proposal, which we called“Non esistono più le mezze stagioni“– There are no more mid-seasons: it was an opportunity to taste the pizzas from our “PIZZE DI STRADA“ Street Pizzas menu. In fact, we opened this new venue in Bologna, last December. Other important names who took part in the event included: Massimiliano Poggi from the “Il Cambio” Restaurant of Bologna, Mario Ferrara from the “Scacco Matto” Restaurant, Raffaele Liuzzi from the “Locanda Liuzzi” of Cattolica, Silver Succi from the “Quartopiano” Restaurant of Rimini and Sebastiano Caridi from the “Pasticceria Fiorentini” Pastry Shop of Faenza.
11th March 8.30 pm
Istituto Alberghiero “B. Scappi ” di Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) Italy

Price for the evening 35 euros.

For bookings: 051.948181

“Souvenir” the exhibition by Monica Zani

The “Souvenir” exhibition by Monica Zani opens the art season promoted by ‘O Fiore Mio and You Can Group.
The illustrator has a personalised surprise in store for the first 100 clients: limited edition autographed prints.
A truly special partner Laurent Perrier, Arte Fiera’s official champagne.

The “Souvenir” exhibition by Monica Zani opened on 23rd January on the occasion of Arte Fiera. This is the first art event for ‘O Fiore Mio – Pizze di strada – Street Pizzas in piazza Malpighi 8 d/e, Bologna. During the evening, the gourmet pizzas were accompanied by a glass of Laurent Perrier, a truly special guest and Arte Fiera’s official champagne.

The artist Monica Zani, and her refined graphics (, pays homage to Bologna illustrating: “towersbuildingsporticoeschurches all sewn together in the fabric of a city that welcomes life. A city that wraps itself around you and loves being wrapped up in you, inviting you to get lost in its streets and lanes, where you don’t really get lost but in fact you find yourself”.

This itinerant exhibition “Souvenir” will conclude its first stop in Bologna on 27thFebruary to then move onto Faenza to the ‘O Fiore Mio Pizzeria, where it will remain for the months of March and April. Monica Zani’s operas will be on sale at the end of the two exhibitions.


From January ‘O Fiore Mio – Pizze di strada – Street Pizzas in Bologna will be presenting a calendar of events for art lovers and for those who enjoy real gourmet pizza. This street pizza features fibre rich doughs and a new pan baked pizza square “alla romana”. It is a pizza whose topping enhances Italy’s truly extraordinary raw materials, where great attention is paid to the territory and its seasons.


‘O Fiore Mio – Pizze di strada – Street Pizzas, Bologna, piazza Malpighi 8 d/e

Opening: Friday 23 January 2015, from 6pm to 8 pm – Exhibition open until 27/02/15