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Sunday 7th June from 3.30 to 6.00 pm:  You are all welcome to come to an event that we hope will take place on a regular annual basis. So, come along to the Cantina San Biagio Vecchio Restaurant for a great afternoon. You will have the opportunity to have a typical afternoon “merenda” and enjoy bread, salami from the Azienda Agricola La Mora a Purocielo as well as Andrea and Lucia’s excellent wines, which they have actually made themselves at their Cantina San Biagio. All of this for just 5 euros, and above all you will be able to get a good look at the Gentil Rosso grain, planted at the nearby Terbato property, with which we will be making a special pizza dough next autumn.

Gentil Rosso in an ancient variety of common wheat that was particularly widespread throughout the Romagna region in the 1800’s but abandoned from 1927 when, during the “Grain Battle”, the agronomist and genetist Nazareno Stampelli introduced more productive wheat varieties. The Gentil Rosso wheat variety has a very low gluten content; in fact according to the standards laid down by the food industry its flour is claimed as being “weak”. When making bread and typical “piadina” or handmade pasta, the Gentil Rosso variety can be used in its original state, while for pizza making it can be mixed, with discretion, with small percentages of flours of other varieties. The arable fields where the Cantina San Biagio Vecchio Restaurant has been cultivating the Gentil Rosso wheat have completed their conversion to organic farming and the 2015 harvest will bear the Organic Farming Certification ICEA on its label.


This year was the eighth edition, following its debut in 2010, on Friday 15th May the itinerary dinner came back to Faenza, turning the streets, galleries and all those places tied to the ancient art of ceramics into the beating heart of the centre of the city and of the everyday life, into freely accessible stopovers along one single long, food and artistic based journey, which was shown dish by dish, on a map that could be followed as one pleased.

Click here to download the Program/Menu.

All of this was tied to the theme that launched a further creative challenge to the participants: “Complicity”.

The Pizza Restaurant ‘O Fiore Mio took part in the programme with their offer called “Matrimonio all’Italiana” – An Italian Wedding, that is two slices of  “pizza capricciosa” accompanied by Villa Papiano’s wines, who this year collaborated with us in this year’s event.


On 11th March we took part in the now traditional “CENA DELLE ECCELLLENZE” Dinner Par Excellence, which is now held annually at the Catering School Istituto Alberghiero “B. Scappi ” di Castel San Pietro Terme.
We offered a pizza tasting proposal, which we called“Non esistono più le mezze stagioni“– There are no more mid-seasons: it was an opportunity to taste the pizzas from our “PIZZE DI STRADA“ Street Pizzas menu. In fact, we opened this new venue in Bologna, last December. Other important names who took part in the event included: Massimiliano Poggi from the “Il Cambio” Restaurant of Bologna, Mario Ferrara from the “Scacco Matto” Restaurant, Raffaele Liuzzi from the “Locanda Liuzzi” of Cattolica, Silver Succi from the “Quartopiano” Restaurant of Rimini and Sebastiano Caridi from the “Pasticceria Fiorentini” Pastry Shop of Faenza.
11th March 8.30 pm
Istituto Alberghiero “B. Scappi ” di Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) Italy

Price for the evening 35 euros.

For bookings: 051.948181

“Souvenir” the exhibition by Monica Zani

The “Souvenir” exhibition by Monica Zani opens the art season promoted by ‘O Fiore Mio and You Can Group.
The illustrator has a personalised surprise in store for the first 100 clients: limited edition autographed prints.
A truly special partner Laurent Perrier, Arte Fiera’s official champagne.

The “Souvenir” exhibition by Monica Zani opened on 23rd January on the occasion of Arte Fiera. This is the first art event for ‘O Fiore Mio – Pizze di strada – Street Pizzas in piazza Malpighi 8 d/e, Bologna. During the evening, the gourmet pizzas were accompanied by a glass of Laurent Perrier, a truly special guest and Arte Fiera’s official champagne.

The artist Monica Zani, and her refined graphics (, pays homage to Bologna illustrating: “towersbuildingsporticoeschurches all sewn together in the fabric of a city that welcomes life. A city that wraps itself around you and loves being wrapped up in you, inviting you to get lost in its streets and lanes, where you don’t really get lost but in fact you find yourself”.

This itinerant exhibition “Souvenir” will conclude its first stop in Bologna on 27thFebruary to then move onto Faenza to the ‘O Fiore Mio Pizzeria, where it will remain for the months of March and April. Monica Zani’s operas will be on sale at the end of the two exhibitions.


From January ‘O Fiore Mio – Pizze di strada – Street Pizzas in Bologna will be presenting a calendar of events for art lovers and for those who enjoy real gourmet pizza. This street pizza features fibre rich doughs and a new pan baked pizza square “alla romana”. It is a pizza whose topping enhances Italy’s truly extraordinary raw materials, where great attention is paid to the territory and its seasons.


‘O Fiore Mio – Pizze di strada – Street Pizzas, Bologna, piazza Malpighi 8 d/e

Opening: Friday 23 January 2015, from 6pm to 8 pm – Exhibition open until 27/02/15


The grand finale of “Italy’s best pizza chef” was held on Monday 3rd November at the Officine Farneto in Rome. This was one of the features of the “Cooking for Art” event and it was organised by the well-known food critic Luigi Cremona.
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The grand finale of “Italy’s best pizza chef” will be held on Monday 3rd November at the Officine Farneto in Rome. This will be one of the features of the “Cooking for Art” event and it was organised by the well-known food critic Luigi Cremona. Our very own Fanuel Tecle Amanuel will be competing for ‘O Fiore Mio, as last year he won the award for the best pizza chef in Northern Italy. For further info click here. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. We’ll keep you posted.


For the third year running ‘O Fiore Mio Faenza is planning the “SERATE D’AUTUNNO” – Autumn Evenings. And this year’s subject? “STORIE DI PASTA MADRE” – Sourdough Stories. We shall start by celebrating the 3rd birthday of the Faenza Restaurant, and for the occasion, on 29th October, we will be welcoming one of Italy’s greatest master pizza chefs Beniamino Bilali, who has always been committed to researching and developing flours and new kinds of dough with the aim of enhancing the unique features of the sourdough starter to the utmost.

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3 Spicchi Gourmet” award and the recognition as one of the best Italian Pizzerias

It is with great pride that we announce having won a prestigious prize that for us is truly important: on the 30th June 2014 at the Città del Gusto (Rome) we were awarded the much sought after “3 Spicchi Gambero Rosso” recognition as one of the Best Italian Pizzerias in the “Pizzeria Gourmet” category. 
This award fills us with satisfaction as it represents the result of the work we have been carrying out day after day with both commitment and passion, all in the name of a project we strongly desired and developed with all the tender loving care that is necessary for making the pizza that we serve.
We want to dedicate and share this victory with all of our staff to whom a great deal of this recognition is owed, because they have been following us every day in this adventure and together with us they have cultivated a love of quality.

‘O Fiore Mio and a BBQ by starlight

Wednesday 9th July and Wednesday 6th August 2014
from 8 pm
at the Amarissimo in Lido di Savio
BBQ by Starlight

The following will be barbecuing for you: LISTA NOMI E LUOGHI
And to fill your glasses.
1 bottle of VIOGNIER from the – BARONE MONTALTO family collection (per couple)
All you can eat from our BBQ for just €. 40 each

An exclusive DJ Set will be there to entertain you!