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We are among the best Pizzerias in the World

It’s not us who is claiming this, but a heavyweight guide called “WHERE TO EAT PIZZA” published by Phaidon. It is a detailed collection of the best places to go when your desire for pizza, the real pizza, is insatiable, no matter where you are in the world, and you need to eat. The texts have been complied by Daniel Young, a food critic from New York who has moved to London, and his guide is set to become a must-buy at all bookshops and online.
For more Info: Where to eat pizza, Phaidon
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Finally we also deliver to San Lazzaro and to Casalecchio di Reno

For a long time now our ‘O Fiore Mio Pizze di Strada Bologna customers have been wanting to enjoy our home-delivered pizzas, also outside the historic centre of the city. Well…. hear ye, hear ye… finally we are ready to sastisfy your needs. Thanks to a partnership with YOUEAT and COSAORDINO, a company specialised in food delivery, we have already started delivering our “alla Romana” and our round pizzas over the entire Bologna Municipality, and not only. For a few days now we have also started delivering to San Lazzaro di Savena and to Casalecchio di Reno. We hope to have made you happy! To order you can just click here.

Cena Itinerante 2016 Social Dinner – : we were there!

The now famous CENA ITINERANTE, ORGANISED BY THE FAENZA ART DISTRICT returned this year too on Friday 13th May: the so-called “social dinner” was held for the ninth time this year, offering a now familiar solution involving both public and private venues, restaurateurs, wine and beer makers and artists, all together at one single event. Last May there were over 4,000 VISITORS to the city.

Firday 13the May, from 6.00 pm to 11.00 pm ‘O Fiore Mio Faenza welcomed guests to taste the special pizza “CONTRADICTIONS: PIZZA MADE IN JAPAN” – with Takahiko Kondo’s pizza (Massimo Bottura’s sous chef, Osteria La Francescana) and wines from Villa Venti.


Lots of you had been asking for home delivery and finally we have managed to set it up. Starting from Friday 5th June ‘O Fiore Mio Pizze di Strada Street Pizza will be starting home delivery. You will be able to choose from two types of pizza and you can order them every day from 7.30 to 10.30 pm just by calling 051.0402308.

Our pan pizza “…come a Roma” (just like in Rome)  will be delivered at a special summer offer, from 1 to 4 toppings, in a 30 x 40 cm box at 20 euros, with free delivery.

Otherwise, you can order one of our “…come a Napoli” (just like in Naples), round pizzas ‘O Fiore Mio’s latest summer novelty.

It’s up to you: you can eat in at Piazza Malpighi, where we are completing our new “dehor”, or you can simply call us up and enjoy our pizza in the comfort of your own home.

pizza gourmet

Winter slices

It’s already mid-Winter and we are happy to confirm the success of this season’s pizzas.
These pizzas change every 3 months and they are those that best represent and enhance the year’s cycles and the territory in which we operate.
We think carefully about the ingredients to use and we always try not to repeat the same pizzas, even if they are very popular.
So, here are our best season slices photographed close-up, very close-up…with the hope that your mouth will start watering and you will want to satisfy your hunger right now….We will be waiting for you in Faenza.


This antique cereal, Enkorn gives life to that yellow flour that carries its name. It is considered the father of all cereals and, it is particularly versatile, being considered a truly organic cereal thanks to its low environmental impact and its ability to grow without the need to be fertilized or treated by man.

It has a protein content of between 18 and 24%, as well as containing a high quantity of carotenoid, therefore making it a cereal with considerable antioxidant properties. Thanks to its taste, it is particularly suited even for more simple recipes.

The Mulino Marino Mill, which is managed by the family of the same name in Cossano Belbo (CN), supplies us with this excellent einkorn flour. They are specialised in the stone grinding of flours deriving from organic cereals, selecting them thanks to a controlled supply chain project involving harvests also from Piedmont and Emilia Romagna.