This antique cereal, Enkorn gives life to that yellow flour that carries its name. It is considered the father of all cereals and, it is particularly versatile, being considered a truly organic cereal thanks to its low environmental impact and its ability to grow without the need to be fertilized or treated by man.

It has a protein content of between 18 and 24%, as well as containing a high quantity of carotenoid, therefore making it a cereal with considerable antioxidant properties. Thanks to its taste, it is particularly suited even for more simple recipes.

The Mulino Marino Mill, which is managed by the family of the same name in Cossano Belbo (CN), supplies us with this excellent einkorn flour. They are specialised in the stone grinding of flours deriving from organic cereals, selecting them thanks to a controlled supply chain project involving harvests also from Piedmont and Emilia Romagna.

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