Have you ever thought of travelling through the big cities and the remote villages, of our “Bel Paese” that is Italy, on the wake of the best pizzas in Italy?

The journalists Luciana Squadrilli, Tania Mauri and the photographer Alessandra Farinelli have done just that, following a tasty trail made up of buffalo mozzarella and fresh “verace” tomato, “alpeggio” mountain pasture cheese and artisan cured meats, forgotten fruits and ancient legumes, all put together on that magic disc of dough, which is baked in the oven, in all its different varieties. This is the idea behind their book “LA BUONA PIZZA”, published by Giunti, and which is coming out in the month of July.

This gastronomic itinerary, which goes off the beaten traffic, in search of the “Buona” good pizza, also tells our story, ‘O Fiore Mio’s story and we are happy about this. If you love travelling and you love pizza, then you can’t miss out on this Guide.

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