Sunday 7th June from 3.30 to 6.00 pm:  You are all welcome to come to an event that we hope will take place on a regular annual basis. So, come along to the Cantina San Biagio Vecchio Restaurant for a great afternoon. You will have the opportunity to have a typical afternoon “merenda” and enjoy bread, salami from the Azienda Agricola La Mora a Purocielo as well as Andrea and Lucia’s excellent wines, which they have actually made themselves at their Cantina San Biagio. All of this for just 5 euros, and above all you will be able to get a good look at the Gentil Rosso grain, planted at the nearby Terbato property, with which we will be making a special pizza dough next autumn.

Gentil Rosso in an ancient variety of common wheat that was particularly widespread throughout the Romagna region in the 1800’s but abandoned from 1927 when, during the “Grain Battle”, the agronomist and genetist Nazareno Stampelli introduced more productive wheat varieties. The Gentil Rosso wheat variety has a very low gluten content; in fact according to the standards laid down by the food industry its flour is claimed as being “weak”. When making bread and typical “piadina” or handmade pasta, the Gentil Rosso variety can be used in its original state, while for pizza making it can be mixed, with discretion, with small percentages of flours of other varieties. The arable fields where the Cantina San Biagio Vecchio Restaurant has been cultivating the Gentil Rosso wheat have completed their conversion to organic farming and the 2015 harvest will bear the Organic Farming Certification ICEA on its label.

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