‘O Fiore Mio Bologna’s winning ideas are continuing, once again hosting an artist who is already widely known, and who has been caught red-handed with his work concerning the food world. Following the Alfonso Leoni’s exhibit with his creative “Cancellature” of the famous advertising icon, Nedo Merendi returns to his style of real-life drawings, representing a surreal world where citrus fruits, vegetables and small everyday objects seem to float in a dimension where time is suspended. Our location in Piazza Malpighi 8, Bologna, is reaffirming itself as a venue dedicated to art, thanks to the quality of the artists it hosts, as well as to the continuity with which the exhibits are planned (each lasting forty days). The originality of the furnishing and of the interior design also plays an important role. All of these choices are the perfect backdrop for the innovative and truly high quality gastronomic research.

Nedo Merendi’s paintings are ‘O Fiore Mio Bologna’s new art proposal.
Come and see them starting from Friday 17th April
 (Official Opening and Presentation to the Press from 6.30pm).

After Bologna (until 26th May) the exhibit will move to ‘O Fiore Mio Faenza from 1st June until 17th July.

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