The pizzeria ‘O Fiore Mio is the expression of a pizza that wants to live the times: thanks to its apparent simplicity, it is founded on a fragile equilibrium, a magic alchemy made up of doughs, temperatures and careful gestures.

This is a food that resists over time because it is made up of essential elements, pure ingredients and a universal immediacy. We process stone ground organic flours without additives. A type of grinding that allows the germ to remain inside the flour and therefore a more wholesome product, that is easy to digest and fragrant.
We use a sourdough starter that was created in September 2011 from common wheat flour, water and three ancient varieties of fruit cultivated by our supplier Domenico Ghetti, a truly dedicated farmer of S. Giorgio in Ceparano: an “Angelica” pear, a Red “Abbondanza” apple and three rowanberries.
We look after the leavening and the maturing to which we dedicate a truly long time, from 24 to 48 hours, to obtain a light and easy to digest dough, that is then baked in an ancestral way in a wood fired oven.
Finally, to top our pizzas, we have very carefully selected only the finest ingredients: according to the season and from the best Italian territories. We use top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils to dress them.
To best enjoy the fragrance of our doughs and the unique nature of the raw materials we use, we recommend to serve you one pizza at a time. The value of sharing is important because it is at heart of the pleasure of eating. We serve our pizzas in well-topped slices or in the classic “Neapolitan” version in the more traditional varieties.