Our new spring menu features three new extra virgin olive oil labels, one of which being our own private selection that has sealed a close collaboration with the Azienda Agricola Bonfanti , farm and mill. 

Bonfanti, located in the heart of the Noto Valley, has been following organic production standards since 2000. It is a small production made up of 3 cultivars (varieties) which are rather widespread in that area: Moresca,Biancolilla and Nocellara.

The intense aromas recalling tomato and chicory do not alter the pleasant, sweet and balanced ending. This oil will be paired with our “flag ship” ‘O Fiore Mio pizza, with burrata mozzarella from Puglia and selected Parma ham aged 4 months. The same Sicilian farm and mill supplies us with the excellent Noto Almonds (Slow Food Presidium), which we often use for our pizza toppings.

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