The artist Enrico Versari has come to Bologna with his engravings and etchings, and he is now exhibiting at ‘O Fiore Mio – Pizze di Strada (piazza Malpighi 8d/e). The exhibit “Inchiostri” curated by Antonella Ravagli , officially opened on 29th May, and will stay on show until 7th July.


Enrico Versari ( takes visitors on a journey into the discovery of ink and all of its possible applications: from engravings to etchings, as well as xylography , right up to that so-called “black manner” with which this artist from Faenza achieves a practically photographic effect. The markings and the drawings are Versari’s artistic initials. He designs “stages” upon which the composition of the objects are just like actors playing on stage, while for the “backdrops” he uses pages torn from telephone books, old dictionaries or pages of newspapers, which have been recovered and assembled using the collage technique.


The travelling exhibit “Inchiostri” will conclude its first leg in Bologna on 7th July, to then move on to ‘O Fiore Mio in Faenza on 20th July, where it will be possible to view until the 3rd September.

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