Sourdough starter, wholemeal flours, light and tasty are all the key words that guide us in our everyday work.

Everything starts with the fermentation and the leavening of the doughs, which is the most important moment of the entire process. At the basis of everything there are two fundamental elements: water and flour.

The stone grinding of the cereals allows us to obtain flours that are more complete and rich in taste, which are not impoverished by rapid industrial processes and they are not as likely to bring about dietary intolerances. We also use spelt, kamut, einkorn wheat and other varieties of “ancient” grains, as well as cornmeal, chestnut and burnt wheat. Organic Italian flours that thanks to the natural stone mill become an indispensable raw material for our work.


We began looking for the best processing techniques, raw materials and ingredients more than a year before ‘O Fiore Mio opened its doors and we are still committed to this every day in order to always perfect new recipes and doughs.

Together with Domenico Ghetti, a “man of the land” and a great lover of organic farming we started, for example, the fermentation for the production of our precious sourdough starter: it all started right from his “forgotten” fruits, giving life to a magic spell that from that day on has never stopped.

Our sourdough starter depends wholly on that fermentation, as does ‘O Fiore Mio’s quality. Every day we look after it, refreshing it with flour and water thanks to a precise and careful process that allows us to always have an enzyme available, with a fresh taste, that is not too acid nor to full. Following a period of rest in a lukewarm environment, that can range from half a day up to 48 hours, the dough is then ready to be rolled out by expert hands, topped and baked in the oven.